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24-48 hours
· Min. order 25€
· Delivery 4.50€
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How the delivery of Drinklobby works

Order from Monday - Saturday before 13:00, for sameday delivery
Orders from Monday - Friday after 13:00 will be delivered on the next working day

Orders on Saturday after 13:00 and Sunday will be delivered on Monday

Dellivery takes place Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 13:00

There might be a small difference in the final price of your order due to produce items charged by weight.

The final price in this case will be lower and the amount will be refunded to your card within 5 working days.

Catalog prices include VAT.

Shop address

  • Lemesos, Lemesos
    Theklas Lysioti 9D, 3027

Working hours

  • Monday 06:00-06:00
  • Tuesday 06:00-06:00
  • Wednesday 06:00-06:00
  • Thursday 06:00-06:00
  • Friday 06:00-06:00
  • Saturday Today 06:00-06:00
  • Sunday 06:00-06:00


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