Stores Review Policy

We always aim for 5 stars!

Stores Review Policy

We always aim for 5 stars!

Review Policy

Within the next 7 days from the receipt of your order you have the opportunity to rate the following generic categories:

  1. the quality of the products,
  2. the service of the store, and
  3. the delivery time.

Depending on your order type, you will also be able to evaluate additional features of the order by selecting either the thumbs up or down symbol πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž.

The prerequisite for submitting a rating for a store is having completed and received your order from this store.

In order to automatically control and ensure the validity and reliability of the reviews the following apply:

  1. each order can be reviewed only once
  2. the rating of the store and the total number of reviews of additional features takes into account the ratings for the store over a period of 365 days, and
  3. the total number of ratings of the store includes all users’ ratings

You can find all the ratings you have submitted for your orders in the tab "My reviews" in your personal Foody account. You can not delete any review after its submission, but you can edit it within the next 7 days after the receipt of your order.

In order to continuously improve our services, in case of a low rating, you are given the opportunity to submit a comment explaining the reason for your dissatisfaction. The submitted comment will be exclusively processed for the improvement of our services and it will not be published on the Foody platform. Be aware that submitting a comment through our review process does not constitute a request for immediate service. If you need any assistance regarding your order, you can contact our Customer Care Team through the email [email protected], or the contact form in our Website.

The stores that cooperate with us accept that in the context of transactional and business ethics they will not take advantage of the evaluation opportunity we provide by posting positive or negative ratings through third parties who are connected in any way to them (family, friends, staff). If any such action is ascertained and confirmed, the Company reserves the right to block the account of the specific user, delete all confirmed abusive ratings for the store and take all necessary measures towards compliance of the cooperating store that violates the terms of this policy.

You can of course help us, too! If you suspect any suspicious or abusive activity regarding a store's review and rating, please inform us immediately by sending an e-mail at the address [email protected] providing details regarding the violation.

We should make clear that in no case the ratings and/or reviews of our users reflect the position of Foody about a store hosted in our platform, whether the evaluation is positive or negative. In addition, Foody does not bear any responsibility for complaints related to low quality of the products or services offered by the stores that we partner with.

We safeguard the protection of your personal data related to your ratings, as defined by the relevant applicable legislation.

Last update: March 2022