Digital Services Act

Digital Services Act (Regulation (ΕU) 2022/2065)

In the context of our compliance with the Regulation (EU) 2022/2065 on a Single Market for Digital Services and amending Directive 2000/31/EC (Digital Services Act) we would like to inform you about the following:

Designated Point of Contact on Digital Services Act

Both the recipients of the service of Foody (as per the definition of this Regulation), and also every European or national competent authority for the Act’s implementation can communicate directly with our dedicated department via the email address [email protected]. Please write the phrase “DSA Regulation'' at the title of your email. Greek and English are the languages that can be used; however, we will make an effort to communicate with you in any other language if required.

Statement on the Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act (the “DSA”) is a European Union Regulation which aims to create a safer digital space protecting the fundamental rights of users, while establishing a level playing field for online intermediaries in their role of connecting consumers with goods, services, and content. foody, a subsidiary of Delivery Hero SE and part of the “Delivery Hero Group”, is fully committed to promoting a secure digital environment and tackling the dissemination of illegal content as well as the societal risks that disinformation or otherwise harmful content may generate.

Information on average active monthly users

Pursuant to Article 24 (2) of the DSA, online platforms shall disclose information on the average monthly active recipients of the service in the Union, calculated as an average over the period of the past six months. The Delivery Hero Group has calculated the average monthly active recipients of its services in accordance with the relevant provisions of the DSA and the guidance provided in Recital 77. Calculated for the six month period between 1 July 2023 and 31 December 2023, the average number has been estimated to be well below the threshold set for the designation of a Very Large Online Platform. Please access the information provided on the Delivery Hero interface here.

Ongoing commitment and communications

In its mission to fully comply with the DSA, the Delivery Hero Group will continue to closely monitor the number of average monthly active recipients of its services in the EU and will update the information provided every six months going forward, pursuant to Article 24 (2) of the DSA.

Last update: 29th of March 2024

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