Payment Methods & Refunds Policy

Your money is safe

Payment Methods & Refunds Policy

Your money is safe

Payment methods

1. With cash

When delivering your order, you can pay in the traditional way, with cash upon delivery. Currently, we do not support payment via POS upon delivery.

2. By card (credit or debit)

When placing your order, through the website or the Foody application, you can pay by credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard that support electronic payments).

Selecting Card Payment will take you to Adyen Secure Payment Portal to enter your debit / credit card details. Adyen N.V. is a company registered in the Netherlands Business Register under the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with registration number 34259528 and headquartered in Amsterdam. It acts as a payment service provider that ensures the security of your payments and personal data, certified with the security standards for electronic payments PCI DSS (certification as a Level 1 Service Provider) and complies with the European Union (EU) Directive 2015/2366 on payment services.

After entering your card details in the Adyen environment and confirming the payment, your bank will approve the transaction and your order will be completed. The amount of your order will be blocked for one calendar day and then will be debited on your card and will not be available for any other purpose. You will then return to the Foody webpage and receive a notification about the completion of your order.

All transactions with electronic payment are made in euros (€).

You can contact your issuing bank to find out if your card supports electronic payments.

Additional Information - Explanations for card transactions

a) How secure is the debit / credit card payment process?

The process is completely safe. Payment is not made in the Foody environment, but the user is transferred to a secure Adyen payment server.

b) What is the required CVC / CVV field?

The CVC / CVV field is on the back of your debit / credit card and is a three-digit number. You are asked for additional confirmation and security in order to increase your protection.

Depending on the transaction security levels of your issuing bank, you may be asked for additional identification (code via SMS, e-com pin, etc.).

c) What will happen if a mistake is made during the payment (e.g. the connection is cut off or I press Cancel during the transfer)?

Whatever happens, the transaction has been recorded by us and your money will not be lost (unless of course we get approval for your card and the amount is indeed committed). The process is automated, controlled and there is no way your money can be lost.

3. With PayPal

When placing your order, through Foody website or app, you can pay with PayPal. Once you select PayPal as your payment method, a new window will appear and you will be taken to PayPal's website. Sign in to your PayPal account and select one of your linked payment methods (eg credit card or bank account) in the Select Payment Method section. Select Continue and confirm your payment method, read PayPal's policies, then click Accept and Continue.

When you have completed the above process, you will be returned to the Foody page, where you can confirm and pay for your order.

If you use PayPal as a payment method, you consent to PayPal's use of your information as described in PayPal's Privacy Statement.

4. With Apple Pay

When placing your order, through Foody's iOS app, you can pay with Apple Pay. If you select ApplePay as your payment method, a new window will appear. Click the Pay button to select one of your connected payment methods (eg credit or debit card) and complete the transaction.

Apple Pay uses a number for your device and a unique transaction code. That way, your card number is never stored on your device or Apple servers, and when you pay, your card numbers are never shared by Apple with Foody.

To securely send your payment information when making payments to apps or websites, Apple Pay receives your encrypted transaction and re-encrypts it with a developer-specific key before the payment information is sent to the developer or processor payment. This key ensures that only the app or website you are purchasing from can access your encrypted payment information. To learn how Apple protects your personal information, transaction data and payment information when using Apple Pay, click here.

By using Apple Pay as a payment method, you consent to Apple's use of your information as set forth in Apple Privacy Policy.

Refund policy

After completing your order, you will receive the payment receipt, with the details of your transaction. Proof of payment is proof that you paid for your online order. For the order of the products you will receive a retail receipt from the store. Currently, we do not support invoices.

For orders that have been canceled within one calendar day from their completion, the full amount paid electronically will be released automatically. For orders that have been canceled after the end of the first calendar day from their completion, the full amount paid will be refunded in accordance with Adyen operating rules. For modified orders, reducing the total amount of the order, there will be a partial refund equal to the difference between the amount paid and the new final order amount.

Delivery Hero (Cyprus) Ltd. will process and complete refunds based on the process and within the timeframe set out on the "Online Payment Questions" page, however it is possible that the bank or any other payment processor may require additional time. Thus, the changes in your account resulting from the refund process will be visible after a few days.

Delivery Hero (Cyprus) Ltd. is responsible for the immediate transmission of the order to the restaurant which is responsible for its acceptance and preparation. The non-service of the order consists in the non-delivery of the order by the restaurant after finding a lack of product or the inability of the restaurant to serve the order and therefore the inability to complete the order and in no case means the dissatisfaction of the customer with the quality of the product, unless the quality is subject to health violations.

Delivery Hero (Cyprus) Ltd. will not refund the amount of the order, when the order was not delivered to you due to excessive waiting time. The time limit within which the distributor is obliged to wait for the delivery of the order is five minutes from the moment when you will be informed that the distributor is at the delivery address.

Periodic Changes

The company is constantly expanding, updating and improving its website and its application, and related products and services, and updating this policy accordingly. We recommend that you read the Payment Methods and Return Policy on a regular basis to be informed of any changes to the content. This text is subject to change without notice to the users of the website and the application of the company.