FAQ for Online Payments

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1. What does a refund order mean?

Foody, 24 hours after the completion of a specific transaction, sends a request to the respective payment service provider ( either Adyen or PayPal), to which it requests a refund when necessary.

2. How often are refund orders given?

Refund orders are always given on business days (Monday to Friday) and are processed immediately by us (usually within one business day).

3. When will the refund appear on my account?

The final return transaction does not appear immediately in your card detail account. Depending on your bank, the return transaction can take up to three business days to appear.

In any case, for any confirmation you can contact us either at [email protected] or contact your issuing bank.

4. If my order is canceled, when will my refund be made?

When an order is canceled, our system is automatically updated to order a refund to your account. The return process starts straight away and usually takes three business days.

5. If my order changes (for example a product is not available) and I have already paid by credit card, what applies in this case?

In this case, if the total amount resulting from the changes is less than the amount you have already paid, we will refund the difference.

6. If there is a charge, but no order is placed (e.g the browser crashes, the signal is lost in mobile apps, etc.) what happens then?

All transactions made through our system are recorded regardless of whether the order is finally registered or not.

Every day, the transactions of the previous 24 hours that did not proceed with an order are automatically detected, and a release order is given for the respective amount.

If you have the receipt of the movement, you can forward it to us either at [email protected] or contact us at 77772250. Our team will investigate what exactly happened and will inform you about it.

7. In which cases are my transactions rejected?

The most common reason for rejecting transactions is the incorrect entry of your card or PayPal details. If the information is correct, then there is probably some external limitation that does not allow you to proceed with this card. If the system continues to display a rejection message, please contact us at either e-mail [email protected] or 77772250 so that we can review it further and inform you.

8. If I choose to pay through Adyen Secure Payment Environment, which cards are supported?

Visa & Mastercard are supported, either debit or credit card.

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