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Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? No! It's something between the two, it's something tastier, it's something better, it's brunch!
Brunch is first seen as aa term for the first time in 1895 in the English magazine "Punch" and it is basically referred to as the meal between breakfast and lunch for those who had spent the night before partying. The years passed, the brunch choices multiplied and brunch entered our daily lives and our hearts. Eggs benedict, pancakes with chocolate or bacon, croque madame, scrambled eggs, crepes, french toasts, omelette, smoothies, fruit salads and many more options that are enough to convince us to replace each of our meals with a huge brunch.

Many will tell you that it is a meal for Sunday, but don't believe them! What you need to remember is that brunch is not just a meal, it is an idea and ideas cannot be limited in hours and days!
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